changed my URL ask for new one
Anonymous: have you changed your url again? what is it?

hahahhahahaha like im gonna post it.

Can’t post that ask I just got but yeah. I agree. Plus completely proved my EXACT point that I made in the first place.

Anonymous: Go on post the new URL please :'(

basilplant lol

im not even bothered

Anonymous: how come youve left anon messages on if you dont wanna reply and say what the new url isssss

cos I KNEW i’d get messages like this and i don’t mind people knowing i just would rather you own up to the occasional browse of my blog and ask me in person

Anonymous: what's ur new url

cmon i dont mind people who don’t have tumblr knowing my blog i dont mind people being nosy and stalking me but just ask me on twitter @ElizaGraceS or on skype or facebook or something i won’t mind